Volgograd, Expocentre

"Alice" is a dinosaur of Russian rock music and at the same time-a star that is more alive than all the living. The group under the leadership of Konstantin Kinchev was created in Leningrad in 1983. After almost forty years, the musicians still rock at festivals, release albums, and go on long tours. "Alice", perhaps, the most mobile in musical terms, the collective of the living representatives of the Leningrad rock club — at the same time, the conjuncture and the pursuit of fashion here does not smell. Kinchev can be a punk rebel, the messiah of Christian rock, or a loose heavy metal artist — and change all these images in one performance. The concert of "Alice" is always a big show with special effects, frenzied energy and rock ' n ' roll drive. In his work, Kinchev is not limited to the framework of genres, except that he does not touch the stage. New wave, post-punk or even industrial — only tools for the design of meanings, shocking, provocative and controversial, but convincingly expressed and picked up by an army of fans.
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